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At Summerhouse Garage we have the equipment and skills to repair your vehicle to a high standard. Our focus is always on you the customer and the quality of the repair.


Miracle Pull Repair System

Previously un-repairable panels can now be pulled and shaped with the miracle pull system using only a thin layer of filler for final shaping. Below is an example of how the Miracle Pull System is used to great effect on a panel that would normally be replaced.

One Day Car Body Repair

In some cases minor body work damage can be completed within one day. Bring your vehicle to Summerhouse Garage for a free no-obligation estimate to see if the damage to your vehicle is eligible for a same day repair.

Low Bake Spray Booth

Summerhouse has two low bake spray booths which allow cars to be sprayed in a controlled environment which minimises the risk of contamination of the paintwork and ensures the paint has been baked and cured to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Aluminium Miracle Pull Repair System

As with the original miracle repair system this system works on the same principle only now can be used on aluminium panels.

State of the Art Colour Matching Facilities

At Summerhouse Garage we mix all car colours on-site and have the most up to date colour swatches supplied by our preferred paint supplier, Lesonal. This enables us to match your cars unique colour.

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